Friday, 27 October 2017

Moped Malc from Classic Moped Spares was on Television!

Moped Malc was on the Black Box Television thingy in colour!

The Show!

Series 2 Episode 1 in September 2017 "Find It Fix It Flog It" on Channel 4 Television had myself Moped Malc helping with items for the show

Many of you hopefully will have watched it. I am sure that it may be repeated in future if you missed it! 

Renowned enthusiast Henry Cole and Antiquity lover Simon O'Brien made a visit to see me Moped Malc and took away a Velo Solex for restoration. I hope the show sparks some more interest in the smaller machines and helps get a few more restored/saved. 

Many of you may know that I have been trying hard over the past number of years to supply parts for mopeds mainly from the sixties, seventies and eighties. Hopefully the show will have revived a bit of interest in the Moped scene. 

The Bikes!

There were many early bikes briefly shown such as the Mobylette, Motobecane, Peugeot, Raleigh, Velos Solex and Honda mopeds.

Its is amazing to think how popular some of the mopeds were:- 

Velo Solex for example now have links to being pictured with Bridget Bardot, Steve McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Shed and Buried, Find It Fix it Flog It, and of course not to mention even Mr Bean! 

For Parts/Bikes!

To look at bikes or parts then home of Moped Malc is here 

For advice and help!

The main Velo Solex forum in the uk for

For Registering/ Club Membership!

It was also a pleasure to see that the NACC National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club wrote a small article in their Buzzing Magazine about my experience taking part on television. If you need help registering a machine or advice they are most helpful.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Velo Solex Parts the latest UK availability and tips

Velo Solex Latest Parts Available and Tips

Velo Solex Autocycle Mopeds For Sale

We have a wide range of models for sale and are being offered new ones all the time. Sometimes we also sell them through our ebay webstore to make way for many more. Models include

VeloSolex 330
VeloSolex 660
VeloSolex 1010
VeloSolex 1700
VeloSolex 2200
VeloSolex 2200v2
VeloSolex 3300
VeloSolex 3800
VeloSolex 5000
VeloSolex Tandem
VeloSolex French, Swedish, Hungarian and UK models

Latest News

For the very latest news we publish this information on our facebook pages.
(please like and follow our pages)

Our newest blogging information is now direct at our store

Our website has one of the most interesting ranges of mopeds and parts in the Uk and possibly Worldwide and can be accessed quickly from:-

We have a You Tube channel which is now showing some wonderful machines that we have sold in the past and even the odd tip on how to fit things

There are also manuals for many mopeds, scooters and motorbikes available from

Parts Availability

Many of our prices have reduced since we first began selling the products as suppliers have offered us better rates through understanding how we are passionate about helping private customers and trade buyers alike.

We stock such as large range of parts especially for the Velo Solex and other wonderful machines it would not be possible to list them all here.Also prices would rapidly go at out date.

Just one of the wonderful bikes that we have (had) for sale is:-


We support a number of different club members in the Uk, but we are not subsidized by any one Club so that you know that we treat everyone fairly and we receive no remuneration from any club fees. 

Our aim is to help everyone restore or get their mopeds running through offering parts at reasonable prices. Sometimes we may the cheapest, sometimes we may be a little bit more, sometimes our postage prices may be lower, but we also try to source good quality items from reputable companies.

Au revoir

Its not really goodbye! To us every moped is like an antique only rather than sitting on a shelf they should be used and has the potential to be! Hopefully these wonderful machines will continue to appreciate providing further enjoyment to owners worldwide, be it the UK, France, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Australia or where ever.

I hope you truly enjoy your experience of visiting Classic Moped Spares

Moped Malc

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Autocycle, Moped, Scooter and Motorbike Manual New Website Launched

New Website for Manuals for Motorcycles

A new website has been launched with the aims to supply manuals for:-
  • Autocycles
  • Mopeds
  • Scooters
  • Motorbikes
To take a look at this exciting new website you can click on one of the following links:-

The range of manuals will include those currently available such as Haynes, Clymer and many more. There will also be the option to buy manuals in a number of formats. For example:-

Option 1

Manuals printed the traditional way. These could be paperback or hardback books. Or loose leaf pages of rare manuals that have been reproduced. Ideal for anyone not wishing to use a computer or to give to someone a physical copy as a gift

Option 2

Manuals downloaded. For a small fee the manual is paid for and then you can download it direct to your machine. Once you have the copy print as many times as you wish to then take pages you require to your workshop. Saves spoiling a good book.

Option 3

The same as a download only you receive it on a cd. Please note cd's will take a bit longer to arrive in the post that a download!

The website has been created by Classic Moped Spares with the aim to get some of the rarer manuals that we have made available for people wishing to work on their machines. We are hoping to supply:-
Workshop Manuals
Spare Parts Books

We will try to keep prices low to recoup the investment in the site. If you have something of interest then please do get in contact so that we can help someone else work on their bike.

You can email

Many thanks
Moped Malc

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Exciting new Velo Solex parts at Classic Moped Spares

More New Parts at Classic Moped Spares!

Some of the latest parts

We have some new parts just added at Classic Moped Spares including the following for the Velo Solex models:-

For most information please do go to our website blog where you will find lots more facts. The blog you are reading we are not updating as much due to this new blog on the following link 

We also have a facebook page where we put some of our fantastic latest news and information
And facebook link is here

Friday, 14 October 2016

Classic Moped Spares is back just for you!


Check out the fantastic look of the new website!

1. Here is a partial screen shot of what the new website now looks like:-

We are currently housekeeping the new site and adding more products than ever before. There are now three ways you can search for what you need:-
  • Use the drop down boxes to the right of the new logo at the top
  • Entering into the Search here box
  • Or by using our new shop filter, selecting by make-model-type. For example if you need wheels for a Honda C50, Then just select Honda-C90-Wheels
2. We also have a few exciting features such as the Featured Spares section where we will be putting new products, bargains and more. Currently as we have one of the largest range of Velo Solex parts in the Uk we have put a small selection of products on there for you to see the quality of what is available.

3. A bit further down you will see a list of brands. These are just some of the bike makes that we do parts for and the range will be expanding. We stock a large range and the brand names are for guidance only. We have New stock, old new stock, used stock and re-manufactured aftermarket parts. I know it can sometimes get confusing so please check the product descriptions for more information or just ask if you are unsure

4. Now this is where the fun is going to begin!

  • We have a new blog section where will be putting in lots of information on what is going on at Classic Moped Spares and perhaps the Moped World in general. Grab a coffee and have a look!
  • There is also a link to our manuals site where we will be putting more manuals than ever before. We have a comprehensive library of books and leaflets and information and this is where these products will be able to be found to help you restore or maintain your bike.
  • If you like facebook and want to see information on the move then we also do occasionally talk to people in the real world and on here as well!
  • Videos, Yes there will be lots of them. We have done a few and I am no Sean Connery, but you will find a few quick tips on parts that we sell and how to fit them.
5. Some of the boring stuff is at the bottom, buy you can also subscribe to our newsletter

Thank you again for all your support and patience whilst we have been building this new site. The website has been built for you and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Moped Malc

And don't forget Christmas is on its way!