Saturday, 7 January 2017

Exciting new Velo Solex parts at Classic Moped Spares

More New Parts at Classic Moped Spares!

Some of the latest parts

We have some new parts just added at Classic Moped Spares including the following for the Velo Solex models:-

For most information please do go to our website blog where you will find lots more facts. The blog you are reading we are not updating as much due to this new blog on the following link 

We also have a facebook page where we put some of our fantastic latest news and information
And facebook link is here

Friday, 14 October 2016

Classic Moped Spares is back just for you!


Check out the fantastic look of the new website!

1. Here is a partial screen shot of what the new website now looks like:-

We are currently housekeeping the new site and adding more products than ever before. There are now three ways you can search for what you need:-
  • Use the drop down boxes to the right of the new logo at the top
  • Entering into the Search here box
  • Or by using our new shop filter, selecting by make-model-type. For example if you need wheels for a Honda C50, Then just select Honda-C90-Wheels
2. We also have a few exciting features such as the Featured Spares section where we will be putting new products, bargains and more. Currently as we have one of the largest range of Velo Solex parts in the Uk we have put a small selection of products on there for you to see the quality of what is available.

3. A bit further down you will see a list of brands. These are just some of the bike makes that we do parts for and the range will be expanding. We stock a large range and the brand names are for guidance only. We have New stock, old new stock, used stock and re-manufactured aftermarket parts. I know it can sometimes get confusing so please check the product descriptions for more information or just ask if you are unsure

4. Now this is where the fun is going to begin!

  • We have a new blog section where will be putting in lots of information on what is going on at Classic Moped Spares and perhaps the Moped World in general. Grab a coffee and have a look!
  • There is also a link to our manuals site where we will be putting more manuals than ever before. We have a comprehensive library of books and leaflets and information and this is where these products will be able to be found to help you restore or maintain your bike.
  • If you like facebook and want to see information on the move then we also do occasionally talk to people in the real world and on here as well!
  • Videos, Yes there will be lots of them. We have done a few and I am no Sean Connery, but you will find a few quick tips on parts that we sell and how to fit them.
5. Some of the boring stuff is at the bottom, buy you can also subscribe to our newsletter

Thank you again for all your support and patience whilst we have been building this new site. The website has been built for you and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Moped Malc

And don't forget Christmas is on its way!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Classic Moped Spares new website coming soon

Classic Moped Spares - new website coming soon!

Thank you for your patience we are currently rebuilding the website 'Classic Moped Spares'. I really value your custom over the last few years and want to make the new site more enjoyable than ever before. I cannot say too much at this point, but I do believe it will be worth the wait.

You can still buy from us by
phone: 07810 870 077

The products viewed on the website are not all for sale on ebay so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is something that you need.

It will be worth the wait, and thank you for your continued support.

Monday, 4 July 2016

We are back up and running

Classic Moped Spares back with more products

After a short maintenance break the website is back up and running.

We are still continually trying to improve the website and range of products!!!!!!!! 

It is well worth checking out Classic Moped Spares as it is a bit like going back in time yet we still have to move forward as well!

Friday, 1 July 2016

Classic Moped Spares Website Temporarily Closed - Ebay still available

Website closed for Improvements

The website and are currently closed for a few modifications and improvements. 

We still have the ebay shop open so please direct enquires and purchases through there:-

Here we have many items. If there was something on the website that you can think of that is not listed in the ebay shop then send us an email at

Apologies for any inconvenience!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mobylette, Motobecane Peugeot Performance Moped Parts

Custom Performance Moped Parts

We specialise in parts for older mopeds mainly, but also can supply performance parts for those interested in seriously modifying their bikes. Whilst we do not want every old moped to look like a hot rod there are some amazing restoration and performance enhancements that have been made to old mopeds.

If you are interested in performance parts let us know what you require and we will see if we can help. You may have seen something on a bike in a different country or may just have an idea of what you want.

Recently some exhausts have just been added at Classic Moped Spares the results when fitted are great looks and high performance, These are made by Doppler, whom  are just another example of the quality manufacturers that we use.

The NEW Performance section can be found by clicking here

Friday, 10 June 2016

Moped Rims Now Back in Stock and better than ever!

Classic Moped Spares does wheels!

Moped Rims are now back in stock for the classic Raleigh Mopeds and Mobylette among many others. New rims are now available which have been specially manufactured to High Italian Specifications. After all worth riding on decent wheels!

The new rims come with specially drilled holes which means that you should be able use your original spokes from your Raleigh or Mobylette Moped (provided they are resuable)! There will be more information about spokes and building coming over the next few weeks!

To buy or have a look just click here

There are as always limited numbers and unfortunately when stocks run out lead times are normally 2-3 months for remanufacture especially as these are not off the shelf products and have been specially made for Classic Moped Spares.

Some other complete wheel sets are also available for other models of bikes such as the Honda Cub. Please just search the website.